The World Is Yours: Respecting Mother Earth Day

In the song Vibrate, music artist Andre 3000 stresses the importance of doing what you want, but understanding that there is a cause to every action. In particular, as humans we have dominion over the Earth, yet sometimes we neglect taking care of our home.

“The circumcision has already began. Desensitizing the very thing or thang that brought you into this mother fucker in the first place. And when I say, “motherfucker” I do mean “motherfucker”. Because ¬†Mother Earth is dying and we continue to fuck her to death.”

The explicit language in the aforementioned lyrics illustrate the detrimental trajectory of Earth’s state if we continue to carelessly ignore our part in preserving our planet.

The very controversial issue of climate change, whether or not one chooses to believe it is a real thing, is Earth’s way of telling us that our behavior is greatly causing an impact on the ecosystem. Issues such as unusually warmer weather, water scarcity and stresses on the agriculture industry, are just some unavoidable impacts of our negligence. As individuals occupying the boundaries of this planet, it is our duty to recognized our impact and partake in ways in preserving our planet.

Last week, an Earth Day extravagant was held at Balboa Park with over 300 exhibitors celebrating ways to take care of our planet. At the event I discovered some cool way to reuse and recycle items in my house that I would have typically thrown away. Listed below are pictures  from the event that shows how you can play your part in saving the Earth.

Also in M.I. A new song, Rewear It, she partners with H&M to communicate recycling old and unwanted clothes.

By: Desirae Holland