The Intersection of Fashion And Fine Art

By: Desirae Holland

The lines, curves and colors captured on a canvas can easily inspire the conceptualization of a couture gown. Art and fashion seemingly goes hand-and-hand, and as fashion pioneer Coco Chanel mentioned, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Studio Door Gallery, celebrates the union of fashion and art in their latest exhibition titled Fashion, which will run from March 5-27. The pictures below provides a glimpse of the exhibit.



Muslim Fashion Takes Center Stage


The hijab, which means curtain in Arabic is a head covering often worn by Muslim women to represent modesty and dignity. Dolce & Gabbana recent release of hijab and abayas sparked a viral conversation leaving some pleased and others questioning the motives behind the debut collection. While Dolce & Gabbana collection went viral on the internet, it is not the only luxury brand with their hand in the niche fashion market. In 2014 DKNY launched a collection in honor of Ramadan, a month long holiday for Muslims. The collection consisted of modest silhouettes and bold-color dresses.

With anti-Muslim sentiment prevalent in America many suggest that widely-recognized luxury brands catering to Muslim women signifies a shift in the negative perception of Muslims. In identifying Islamophobia, an exaggerated fear/hatred towards Islam and Muslim, Gallup mentions that a great deal of anti-Muslim sentiment stems from the 9/11 attack and misrepresentation of information portrayed in the media, indicating that all Muslims are terrorist or treats. A Gallup poll reported in 2011 states that 52% of Americans believe western societies do not respect Muslims. 

Fashion is often used as a form of expression and communication. Therefore, well known designers creating garments for a niche group helps to shed light on the specific needs of a group, while helping to create a sense of acceptance from mainstream audiences. Reina Lewis, professor of cultural studies at London College of Fashion UAL, explains to Refinery29 in an interview that “it can feel obliterating if your faith isn’t reflected on the shelves.” While some Muslim woman may be ecstatic about having a voice in fashion, Lewis further explain that shinning a light on Muslim women fashion opens the door for consumer capitalism.


Fashion Consciousness: Know What You Are Wearing

Fashion Consciousness: Know What You Are Wearing 

Have you ever thought about the garments that hang in your closet, besides the designer name that is printed on the label? If you are more conscious about the production of your garment, an app called Buycott is available to help you identify the good, bad and ugly about specific brands. 

image-Flickr: toco

Read elaborates more on the app.

Declutter Your Closet and Eliminate Stress

Desirae Holland

Declutter Your Closet and Eliminate Stress

Images taken from various website
Images taken from various sites

I have to admit that I am an emotional hoarder. Clothes that offer sentimental value tend to linger in my closet way past its expiration date. Going through my closet a couple of weeks ago, I decided to retire countless clothes no longer acceptable to wear in public to the graveyard. No tears were shed but I did experience a burden release. Witnessing the aftermath of the burial, I was pleased to have an organized closet. Besides the benefit of having an organized closet, disposing unnecessary clothes can alleviate the stress of having to find something to wear in the morning.

Having too many options when trying to find something to wear can lead to a stressful task because we are not able to process the abundant of information we are taking in. CNN explains in an article that information overload leads to decision fatigue.

Neuroscientist and psychologist Daniel Levitin, expressed to CNN that “information overload refers to the notion that we’re trying to take in more information than one can handle…The conscious mind can attend to about three things at once. expands on the aforementioned idea by expressing that information overload is equivalent to an overflowing closet of clothes. The more you have to think about what to wear, and the more you have to rummage through, the more energy you’ll expend, mentions

Decluttering your closet by sticking to a uniform or even essential staple items can help to eliminate stress. Sticking to the concept of less is more, fashion pioneer Janelle Monáe paved the way for uniform fashion with her stylish wardrobe. Monáe expressed that she rocks her uniform in honor of her parents, who were proud blue-collar citizens. Her uniform generally consists of chic black and white suits.

If you cannot conform to a uniform, decompose your closet by only keeping essential clothing items. Below I list five must-have staple options.

A Little Black Dress

Fitted Black Blazer

Crisp White Button-Down Shirt

Hip-Hugging Jeans

A Nice Pair of Slack

Also with the season of giving among us, start by donating those unwanted clothes to thrift shops and charity boxes. Do your daily routine stress you out when trying to find something to wear?