10-Year-Old Fashion Designer, Bullied For Being Overweight Showcase Line During New York’s Fashion Week

By: Desirae Holland

Bullied for being plus-sized, Egypt Ufele, also known as “Ify,”decided to change the conversation about her image through fashion. The 10-year-old turned the negative soundbites about her weight into something positive by creating a plus-sized fashion line that represented her. In a recent interview with Today, the young fashion designer expresses how her line started with creating Barbie Doll clothes with a needle and thread and developed into something bigger when she discovered her grandmother’s sewing machine. Recently having the opportunity to showcase her line, Chubbiline during New York’s Fashion Week, the young designer is thrilled that the narrative about her is very different now.




InstaBragging: Bryce Lennon of UnregisteredStyle


Instagram created the perfect social platform that allow individuals to play into their narcissism and have become a powerful tool in promoting oneself and/or brand. Scrolling through the countless pictures broadcasted, I’m constantly impressed by the way people are able to use their Instagram to standout among the sea of noise. Instabragging is a feature section that highlights fashion connoisseurs that have their finger on the pulse of fashion and are setting the wave.


UnregisteredStyle broadcast the looks of everyday people.  The creator of the website, Bryce, shows individuals how to go from work day casual to after hour chic. He provides a modernistic perspective on men’s fashion. If you are a guy who is a little confused on whether on not men can wear pink or if skinny legs should be allowed, he erase the limited boundaries of do’s and don’t and reveals ways to create individual style.  Listed below are five versatile looks for men.

The Power of Broke: FUBU founder shares his knowledge on maintaining success


Daymond John is highlighted in the documentary Fresh Dressed as being one of the pioneers that curated a voice for urban youth through fashion in hip hop culture. John launched FUBU, a clothing brand that celebrated the idea of “For Us, By Us.” His influence in the hip hop community turned a clothing company that operated on a $40 budget into a $6 billion industry. In a recent interview with Sway Calloway he talks about his newly released book The Power of Broke 

John explain that the power of broke is the “hunger, drive, and instinct that nothing is going to stop you.”




Documenting Fashion: Fresh Dressed Documentary


Inside of the dominion we call hip-hop, fashion has always been a strong reflection of the environments we lived in. (Sachs Jenkins)

Fresh Dressed, directed by Sachs Jenkins chronologically explores the development of the way hip-hop was able to transcend into fashion and provide a voice to urban youth. The documentary examines some of the trail blazer of fashion such as Carl Jones, Karl Kani, Sean Comb and Daymond John to name a few, and the way they were able to financially benefit from the movement.

“Fresh Dressed” is about expression, oppression and cold, hard cash made by people who had no idea that they were pioneers in a movement that will never die.”

Check out the documentary, below are clips for your viewing pleasure.