Cohort Collective: House Party of Art

The art gallery experience can be very daunting at the first exposure. It may even seem boring to walk around in a large, brightly lit white room with isolated art pieces adorn on different walls, while having to analyze the often oddly designed art work, that in the end, leads to great ambivalence.

Cohort Collective partnered with Sezio, a non-profit art organization, to redefined the ordinary art experience by turning an art exhibition into a house party, or that’s what it seemed like. Cohort Collective  curated an event that brought  local artist, local food and  local musicians  together in a  28-room apartment complex for a unique art experience. Guest were invited to peruse each room, which were filled with creative artistic expressions that ran the gamut of visual arts and installations, photographic arts, street art, live music, dance and even amateur tattoo artists using guest as canvases. The experience invited guest to explore interpretations of San Diego. Click the link to explore and learn more about Cohort Collective.



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