The Art of Casual Style

The Art of Casual Style 

My favorite pair of  jeans
My favorite pair of jeans

When all else fails, my Levi’s style 524 distress skinny jeans, which I owned for at least five years are my perfect alternative to any dress, skirt or pants. The scatter rips that appear on my left thigh and right knee give me an unbothered boho-chic appearance. The slightly loose boyfriend-fit affords me with the leisurely of sweatpants. Yet the curvy structure and super low-cut gives my non-existence bottom a cute shape. I’m able to dress them up in a nice pair of heels and dress them down in some Nike wedge sneakers. I exude the most confidence in my favorite pair of jeans.

In a recent article from the Business Insider, contributor Ashley Lute suggests the classic fashion staple denim jeans is in danger of extinction and it’s partially due to leggings. Bloomberg notes sales [in jeans] have dipped from over $7 billion to $4.8 billion over the years. Many factors contribute to the decline in denim sales, the lack of innovative jean designs since skinny leg jeans and the changing culture of what’s deemed appropriate attire for work and school, are just a few. The raising casualization culture, Deirde Clemente expresses in a TIME article plays a major part in the rising yoga pants craze. As Americans, our casual style uniformly stresses comfort and practicality. The functionality of yoga pants provides those things previously stated. A survey on teens spending by Piper-Jaffray, shows that active-wear now comprises 28% of teens’ apparel purchases, making athletic clothing more popular than jeans. Clemente further expounds on the idea that casual dressing removes class-structures and directly undermined millennia-old rules that dictated noticeable luxury for the rich and functioning work clothes for the poor.  To dress casual is quintessentially to dress as an American.

While leggings offers great comfort and are less restrictive than jeans, contrary to popular belief yoga pants should be confined to the gym and quick store runs to Target. Personally I always feel underdressed when I wear yoga pants anywhere besides the gym. You can keep the leggings; I’ll stick to my Levi’s. Which do you prefer, leggings or jeans.


One thought on “The Art of Casual Style

  1. Leggings or yoga pant do offer comfort; however, I believe there are more fashion faux pas with leggings/yoga pants then with jeans. Jeans are more versatile and can worn to a day event and easily transfer to an evening event. I prefer jeans.

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