Staple Item: The Kimono


The perfect staple item in fashion can be dressed up at 9am and dressed down at 9pm. Style-wise it runs the gamut from school-chic, indie-chic or rocker-chic, while simultaneously being seasonless. Basically, it’s the perfect item for any occasion, time or place! With the plethora of style options the Kimono offers, it is shaping to being our number one staple item. In the summertime loose-fitting kimono made waves on the beach as cover-ups, they served as the perfect pairing for a strapless dress during a breezy day and even offered the option to be worn as a simple dress.

Brief History Lesson

The Kimono, which translates to “thing to wear,” originated as a traditional Japanese garment. Both men and women wear Kimonos. They are usually set-aside for special occasions and formal events such as weddings, funerals and birthdays. Over the years the structural style of the Kimono have evolved. The Kimono style derived from a T-shaped, straight-lined robe that fall to the ankle when sashed, with attached collars and long wide sleeves. New techniques to sewing and dyeing clothes, political climate changes and introduction to new fabrics such as silk influenced the changes in the garment. Below are images that show changes to the Kimono.

Inspired by the awesome structure of the Kimono, I created my interpretation of the Kimono.

Cardigan Inspired Kimono I created



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